The Bushwick Hotel Premiere New Video for "Bittersweet," + Live Web Series

Brooklyn-based rockers The Bushwick Hotel have been strong collaborators and creatives around NYC the past few years, and they have much material to show for it. We're excited to premiere some cool new projects that they are now ready to share.

First up, their new music video for "Bittersweet," their latest highlighted track off new album Graffiti of a Young Man's Mind:

The following is the backstory, as told by the band:

"When the Bushwick Hotel finished their debut record Graffiti of a Young Man's mind there was no way for them to know the adventures this record wouldtake them on, the relationships it would forge, or in fact how literal some of the track titles would become over time. None fit this description more than Bittersweet.

While working on the record, and supporting their music by selling art on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, the band befriended photographer, director and artist Cathrine Westergaard. Quickly a fruitful and thriving creative relationship was forged between Westergaard, the band and editor Dale Krupla.

The fruits of this relationship included a 12 page spread in Australian magazine Kurv, a gallery showing at the famed C24 gallery in Chelsea, several events, and a video for the title track off Graffiti of a Young Man's Mind.

"We were very ambitious.  The music video for Graffiti of a Young Man’s Mind was shot in three locations in just one day," explains guitarist Rudy Temiz. The video was debuted at the gallery opening, "the night was a success.  We'd never seen Cathrine happier."

An entirely too short time later Ms. Westergaard, would be diagnosed with and succumbed to cancer.

The Bittersweet video is additional footage from their final photo and video shoot together, which the band and Krupla found after her passing, and used to give a final tribute to a friend and collaborator."

Additionally, The Bushwick Hotel has been working on a new web series called Live By the Sword. Shot by the band and directed by Dale Krupla, the series takes place in their recording studio and on the road, where they invite local and touring bands to play live sessions and do some interviews. 

And check out the Live By the Sword series, featuring performances and interviews from Bushwick, to Nashville, to Austin, and back:

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Catch all this live on Saturday, November 19th at Our Wicked Lady, with performances by Raccoon Fighter & The Bushwick Hotel, featuring new material from the band's forthcoming EP, Hard Times, performed with a full horn section. Dress Classy and act trashy at this FREE black tie event - RSVP here