Single Premiere: Sunset Diver - "Tag Along"

Sunset Diver

Sunset Diver

Brooklyn-based Sunset Diver crafts lo-fi beachy pop tunes that transport your mind away from this urban jungle island of NYC to a more tropical island paradise.

His new track "Tag Along" is minimal yet captivating, sounding like a somber sunset over the ocean, with the waves rolling in and out in the background. Lyrically sparse, he sings to someone who's not there; someone who went out and never came home. "I left on a light / It was still on in the morning." As the tide comes and goes, the breeze also sighs through guitar loops. It's a song that sounds like it could easily be an early collaboration between Atlas Sound and Jens Lekman, exploring late night reveries on a 4-track.

Sunset Diver is Devin Johnson on guitar, synth, vox, samples, & loops, along with friend Ben Hozie (Bodega Bay) on bass. Together they recorded a forthcoming album that grew out of a live set Devin performed solo on two samplers. 

In the meantime, more of Sunset Diver's ambient beach beats can be heard on his Bandcamp, but in case you get lost in the sounds, you may want to tell whoever's at home not to wait up.