Elephant Stone's New Release "Knock You From Yr Mountain"


There is some psych pop magic going on here with this track, a brand new release from Montreal-based Elephant Stone. Formed by bassist/sitarist Rishi Dhir, this band makes some deep grooves and wild solos that will take you on a journey. As far as the message, here's what Rishi had to say about the track:

The song pretty much says what needs to be said. I look at the present state of the world; and it breaks my heart. I don’t understand how the leaders of the world see corruption, murder, war, and deceit as a way to lead their people. They do not represent us, they seek to control us. We need a change. Will all the craziness happening in the world right, we felt it was an appropriate time to release "Knock You From Yr Mountain". I always hold onto the hope that one day mankind will realize that two wrongs do not make a right.

- Peace and love 

- Rishi

Their new album, Three Poisons will be out August 26 on Hidden Pony.