The Wytches Turn Glasslands Into a Hazy Fuzz Cave

Boys can be Wytches too. Loud, and hard to pin down, the Brighton, England based gloom rockers pummeled through a somewhat early set at Glasslands on a Friday night.   

Their sound defies being pigeonholed into an easily defined genre. The three-piece of Kristian Bell on guitar and vocals, Dan Rumsey on bass, and Gianni Honey on drums combine hardcore, punk, surf rock, and a lot of fuzz in between. Their set was a full experience of how there are still so many possibilities in rock music, like the note bending jam “Wire Frame Mattress,” that has this structure to it that allows for chaos within.

Single “Crying Clown” has this taunting rhythm to it to reach out and grab you by the hand, and lead you down the smoky path they were creating through the building ambiance. The band lit off a smoke machine that helped turn Glasslands into a hazy fuzz cave, so at times it was almost impossible to see anything. This only made the guitar solos, bass melody, and thundering drums ring out more clearly and really infiltrate the mind. They also had a ballad with a waltz rhythm, that actually had the most gothic edge in it’s lulled and beautifully dark state. Bell’s voice cracks and creaks, then growls and shouts, speaking his mind with melody and fervency.  

These boy wytches had all the kids at the front of the stage mesmerized too - many of them with their heads bowed and banging through the whole set. The world of the wytches is a dark but positive one, with a true DIY ethos and real expression, only disillusionment and dissatisfaction with your current state of affairs can. The Wytches have been successful in moving beyond a small town state of mind, and with the current track they’re on, will only continue to fly even higher and farther.

Look out for their debut, out August 26 on Partisan.