Cancers Sound Sweet at Union Pool

July 5, 2014

Ella Kaspar and Lenny Miller formed Cancers while on tour with other bands out of a need to make their own music exactly the way they wanted to. Now based in Athens, GA, the two are crafting visceral alt grunge with an old school dream pop sheen – kind of like if Hole and Velocity Girl combined into one smooth bite. They played Union Pool with Great Thunder and Now People as a full four-piece band, and really busted through a set of sweetly heavy tunes.

The riffs were heavy, and Ella’s voice was light and feminine, giving the songs a maturity and spunk that is a realistic balance of the emotional spectrum, and speaks to that struggle of wanting to stay true to yourself despite the perceptions and expectations of others and society. Current single “Be Cool” is about seeing a one night stand for what it is, and other tunes like “Dig,” “Razorblade,” and “Sick” all really speak to the ear in ways that are almost painfully relatable but also gratifyingly catchy.

Formed because they didn’t want to compromise, and it’s exactly this kind of feeling that helps us remember all the reasons we bang our heads at shows for. It’s the release through shows like the one Cancers play that keep rock relevant. They get in there deep, and they really rock it out.

Their debut Fatten the Leeches LP is to be released September 16, with CD and digital formats through the band’s own label,Kandy Kane Records, and cassette and vinyl from Dead Broke Rekerds