New Chelsea Wolfe Single: "The Culling"

Press release: 'Of “The Culling” Wolfe says, “I'm at odds with myself, exploring different characters, comparing war stories...desperation, withdrawal, clarity, disgust, grief.

There is a sense of feeling like a vulnerable mess, but giving into that and turning it into some kind of beautiful decadence; becoming stronger through accepting the mess of yourself...accepting that you’re this feral creature full of instincts, cycles, rage and love.”'


AUGUST 24: Thursdays for the Cause and Noise Love Presents:

Flyer by Oweinama Biu 

Flyer by Oweinama Biu 

Thursdays for the Cause is a weekly benefit series that raises money and awareness for organizations working to create a more humane and just society. In August, ALL donations at the door PLUS 10% of bar proceeds go toSafe Horizon, an organization that provides advocacy and support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of abuse.

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The world is an exceptionally crazy place as of late, but at least there are still unlimited banger rock shows as catharsis. High Voltage curated a great one Friday night at Knitting Factory, with the stacked bill of Lost Boy ?, Dead Stars, Grim Streaker, and Monograms.

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