Ditches Make a Controlled Mess of Life with Scraped Off EP

by Kelly K

Ditches EP cover
Scraped Off represents feeling beat up. Trying hard with no pay offs (lovers, friends, staying a float, self worth... all that). But at the same time, staying mobile, going outside and making a controlled mess of life.” - Ditches

Life is shit sometimes, but it’s bands like Ditches who make you feel a little better about it all. There’s no way it can be all that bad if there are still people making sounds capable of relating these things in a way that brings some beauty and solace into an otherwise confusing and frustrating existence. That’s the whole point of music anyway, right?

On their Scraped Off EP, unscrewed vocals, keyed up bass, and other combinations of vitalizing spooky noises of tension tightening and unwinding drive these songs in like the shot in the arm you need from the rest of the dull rabble.

Ditches is Tim Donnelly, Garrett Prange and Dave Mead; a San Diego three piece who make music about real shit in a visceral, real way you can connect to. They’re also cool because they recorded Scraped Off in the backside of a barbershop, owned by a man named Emilio, who also happens to be the star of their video for "Break In." They’re also set to record in a proper studio with Jon Greene, who’s worked with Crocodiles and Dum Dum Girls.