Best Releases of 2015

It's the end of 2015, when another whole year went by and no one even remembers what happened. Time plays tricks on you like that. Some may say, once again, that they can't think of any good music that came out this year, but it's there. Since Brooklyn is what we know best, this is very Brooklyn-centric, with a few others who represent their own scene in the best way, including some legit mainstream artists that everyone has heard by now. 

Here's our top 15 favorites releases from the past year that left good memories. 

Lower Dens - Escape From Evil

Lower Dens

Lower Dens

This release is what made Lower Dens really blow up bigger than ever. And for good reason. This album is beautiful, with frontwoman Jana Hunter’s voice and lyrics on point, with some of the best storytelling and poetic advice you could ever open your ears to.

Kaki King - The Neck is a Bridge to the Body

Kaki King

Kaki King

Kaki King’s eighth LP is really best experienced live, but I would also listen to this album the way I would listen to classical music, as more of a meditative soundtrack. I already respected Kaki as a guitarist, but she really took it to another level with this project. Simply awe inspiring.

Tame Impala - Currents


Kevin Parker really took a turn with Currents, leaving a lot of the psych fuzz behind and opting for a much poppier sound. While the previous sound was what initially turned me onto Tame Impala, I also appreciated the new direction, especially at a time in my life that happened to coincide exactly with what Parker was singing about. This album was good therapy.

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly


This album was just an amazing work of art, really a new hip hop masterpiece. Like, this album should be studied in schools.


Longstanding Noise Love favorites, the Yangs put out a rockin new tape this fall.

by Walter Wlodarczyk

by Walter Wlodarczyk

Also a Noise Love favorite, this “trash jazz” trio is doing some important sonic work. Their EP Cut was also another important release, providing the accurate representation of certain feels with sounds that once I heard, I couldn’t live without.

Junk Boys - Junk Boys LP


Featuring members of Yin Yangs, MPHO, and Organs, Junk Boys formed like voltron and came up quick on the Brooklyn scene and became new Noise Love favorites fast.

Protomarytr - The Agent Intellect


The Detroit boys continue to represent some raw, visceral shit with this one. Question everything, rock always.

Pill - Pill EP

Another heavy rotation cassette from another Brooklyn gem who also put on a helluva show, Pill is on their way to do lots of great things, including a proper full length coming soon.

Haybaby - Sleepy Kids


Consistently one of the hardest working bands in NYC, this babely bunch released their very first full length in between all their impressive amount of live performances. Although nothing beats a real live Haybaby show, it’s good to have something to tide you over till the next one (which is soon).

Mr. Ma’am - Kiss and Yell


This Chicago punk 2-piece of one Mr. and one Ma’am has been described as “a punch to the gut” and that’s pretty on point. Their Kiss and Yell cassette was on heavy rotation for me after being turned onto them over the summer, because a sonic punch to the gut was often exactly what I was craving.

Peaches - Rub

I mean, it’s Peaches and her teaches are still as awesome as ever.

Bodega Bay - Our Brand Could Be Your Life


Quite the novel of an album at 33 tracks, Our Brand Could Be Your Life is a full on punk statement on culture and consumerism in the modern worl

Dead Waves - Nature


This Queens trio always hit hard and loud, and always with a message. This release finally gave me recorded version of songs that were my favorite live, like “Mistaken” and “33.” Keep the Dead Waves rollin’.

Lady Lamb - After


Shortened from Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, and certainly with more sophisticated production, Lady Lamb released another collection of from-the-gut and lyrically dense songs worth multiple plays.